Jess, 20, MA is where I reside but RI will always have my heart ♥.



in honor of Mean Girls’ 10th anniversary, here’s an incredibly subtle but completely extraordinary joke that you’ve probably never noticed from the movie (I saw it at least a dozen times before it dawned on me): Regina George started a rumor that Janis Ian was a lesbian in the 8th grade, but it wasn’t out of malice… it was because Janis told her that she was Lebanese

Nothing can wear you out like caring about people.

S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now (via whitebeyonce)

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so tru

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Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy, too.

Yogi Bhajan (via thelittleyellowdiary)